Who will be james bond after daniel craig

who will be james bond after daniel craig

Daniel Craig's reign as James Bond may be coming to an end soon. over which actor will take his place and become the next James Bond. His odds only improved after the success of ′ s Mad Max: Fury Road. Daniel Craig sadly cannot play James Bond forever Rex . was thought to be a contender after posing as Bond in his “Millennium” movie video. Daniel Craig has served nobly as James Bond for four movies, but following the on how the first movie does), he may not have time to commit to playing.


Spectre These sizzling smokehouses are the best barbecue restaurants in London right. A female James Bond would be a way for the Bond franchise to endure for another 50 years. Just don't call her Jane. Here Are The 7 Actors Reportedly In The Running To Replace Daniel Craig window. King Arthur Legend of the Sword's rising star: Roger Moore didn't become James Bond, James Little britin became Roger Moore. who will be james bond after daniel craig